Board of Supervisors

Chair / Incorporate Cities Representative:
Chris Magee

Vice Chair / Seat B:
Mike Becker

Secretary / Seat D:
Amber Bosket

Treasurer / Seat C:
Rachel Lewison

Clark County Representative:
Shane Ammerman

Seat A:
Randall Williams

Seat E:
Eric King

Alternate Clark County Representative:
Mike Popp


Chris joined the CDSN Board of Supervisors as the appointed incorporated cities representative in 2008.

He served as Vice-Chair from 2010-2013. Chris is the Executive Director of Sustainable Facility Development at MGM Resorts International.

He conducts technology review and manages the selection, procurement, and implementation of MGM Resorts conservation projects pertaining to natural gas, electricity, water and renewable energy applications.

Chris is also responsible for the Clark County Department of Air Quality and EPA permitting as it relates to major and minor source air permits for all Las Vegas properties of the company.

In addition, Chris has helped develop comprehensive sustainability plans for property operations and manages an employee environmental awareness education campaign.

Chris has worked for MGM Resorts for 19 years. Prior to his current position he was a crew leader in the engineering department of the Bellagio Casino Hotel.

He has also held multiple engineering positions at The Mirage Casino Hotel. Chris is recognized for his expertise on energy issues and is an Ashrae associate & voting member of the 62.1 full committee and subcommittee - Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality.

His interests include competitive water polo and swimming. He is team captain for multiple Corporate Challenge swim teams and manages various related youth organizations.

Chris is married with two daughters.


Mike joined the CDSN Board in 2011. He has over 20 years of building technologies training and experience and is a LEED Accredited Professional.

After leaving the Air Force in 1995, Mike started working in the commercial building controls industry where he was responsible for commissioning, programming and troubleshooting DDC building controls.

He spent over 16 years with Siemens Industry working in the gaming, healthcare and electrical services markets.

Recently, Mike took a Business Development Management position with Climatec LLC where he is responsible for building energy optimization services and solutions. In this roll, he has helped some of Las Vegas’ largest commercial businesses to improve their infrastructure and reduce their facilities’ energy consumption.

Being green is not only a priority at work, but a personal goal as well.

Mike and his family practice responsible living habits and often participate in conservation efforts supported by the CDSN, such as clean-ups and plantings in an effort to promote a healthy Southern Nevada.


Amber was elected to the CDSN board and began her four-year term in January 2015. Amber is the Executive Director of State Renewable Energy.

She integrates technology into sustainability projects and specializes in renewable energy design, 3D modeling, advanced agricultural technologies, and Green STEM Education.

She also writes for, an online publication geared toward energy, education, and the economy.

In addition, she co-authored and published an interactive, digital, multi-touch book called Solar Power and has helped produce award-winning, STEM-based, workforce development programs for renewable energy and green technologies.

Amber was the chair of the Inaugural 2015 Nevada Green Schools STEM Summit, a collaborative event supported by over 50 local and national organizations, and co-chaired the Green Schools Committee for the USGBC's Nevada Chapter.

Amber has been with State Renewable Energy since 2010. Prior to her current position, she was a technology integration specialist for educational and environmental projects in various urban and rural locations throughout the Southwest.

She is a native to Las Vegas and enjoys baking and playing sports with her husband and son.


Rachel joined the CDSN Board in 2016. She is the Southern Nevada Recycling Coordinator with the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

She was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV and went to UNLV where she graduated with a degree in Biology and minor in Chemistry.

Rachel began her career in 2008 as an environmental chemist analyzing waste water and soil samples. In 2011, she became an Environmental Health Specialist with the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD).

She inspected conditionally exempt small quantity generators (CESQG) as well as handled illegal dumping cases throughout Clark County, NV. While working at SNHD, Rachel developed more passion and knowledge about solid waste and how to properly manage it.

Rachel served as the President of the Nevada Great Basin Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) from 2014-2016 and will serve as their secretary until 2018.

Currently working as the Southern Nevada Recycling Coordinator is a rewarding career where she is able to leave people feeling optimistic and excited about conservation and recycling.


Shane joined the Board in April, 2014 and was appointed as Clark County's representative in January, 2015.

Shane is an Assistant Planning Manager for the Clark County Comprehensive Planning Department. He has worked in both the Current Planning Division and the Advanced Planning Division of the Department for the past twenty-four years and is recognized for his contributions in the areas of sustainability and process improvement.

His experience includes zoning regulations, mapping review and regulations, land use application review and regulations, sustainability, trails and park planning, and land use planning.

Shane is also the Manager for the Office of Sustainability for Clark County.

He was recently elected as Chairman of Green Chips which is a public/private sector collaboration to promote sustainability success within the community.

He has lived in Las Vegas since 1991 and enjoys being outdoors in the Southern Nevada climate with his wife and three kids whenever they can.


Randy joined the CDSN board in 2016. He works in Las Vegas as the Sustainable Programs Manager for Terra Firma Organics operations to further organic waste recycling.

He previously worked as the Executive Director of Teton Conservation District in Wyoming for 15 years and earlier as the Manager of Ferry Conservation District in Washington State.

His 35-year natural resource career includes positions of Rights Protection Specialist, Planning and Economic Development Director for Northwest Tribes, and Resource Recreation Planner for Klickitat County, Washington.

Representing state and tribal agencies, he has conducted land management plan resource analysis work with 12 National Forests and a number of BLM Districts.

Randy served as one of three members on the executive committee of the Shoshone Cooperating Agency coalition of 5 Counties and 7 Conservation Districts in Wyoming, served on the core committee to facilitate and fund the Southeast Idaho/Western Wyoming Biomass Utilization Group, served by appointment on two Wyoming Governor’s ranch and forest land Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration Task Force, and served as Chair of the Wyoming Natural Gas Vehicle & Infrastructure Coalition.

He is well versed in NEPA and CEQ process, served on the Fish & Wildlife Committee of Bonneville Power Administration, and has conducted numerous watershed studies.
Randy strives to learn from everyone he meets and looks forward to bringing people together for economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable solutions.

Randy and his wife reside in the Moapa Valley in Overton and have five sons and seven grandchildren they love to spend time with.

He has a passion for hunting, fishing, and enjoying the great outdoors.


Eric was elected to the CDSN Board and began his four-year term in January 2015. He celebrates 20 years as a Las Vegas resident.

An entrepreneur since the age of seven, Eric has focused his business ventures in the finance, health/wellness and sustainability industries for 25+ years.

He began investing in real estate more than 20 years ago and now focuses on finance and investment in commercial, mixed-use, residential and agricultural real estate and sustainable projects with GRO Capital Advisors.

In 2011, Eric befriended and was trained and certified by the co-founder of Permaculture, Bill Mollison as a Certified Permaculture Design Consultant; and went on creating sustainable food system, clean energy and green building designs both locally and internationally.

A true Renaissance man, he brings a wide spectrum of knowledge and business experience to create highly innovative solutions with his projects and partners.

In the non-profit sector, Eric has served in many local leadership roles. A life-long outdoorsman, he has led 500+ hikes. And with passion, he's propelled the local food, environmental and sustainable development movements forward helping many non-profits, growers and builders in Southern Nevada.

Eric King strives to fund and develop projects supporting healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities raising the quality of life for all.


Michael was appointed to the CDSN by the Clark County Board of County Commissioners in January, 2015.

Michael is an Senior Management Analyst for the Clark County Comprehensive Planning Department. He has worked for the City of Las Vegas as an Analyst for Parks and Recreation, the City Manager office and Liaison to the City Council,. Prior to accepting a position with Clark County Comprehensive Planning Department in 2003, Michael worked as an Analyst for the County Manager office and Liaison to the County Commission.

His experience includes intergovernmental and legislative affairs, construction management, community planning and facilitation. Michael is a native to Las Vegas and a graduate of UNLV and outdoor enthusiast.