Upcoming Events 

The next CDSN Board Meeting will be:
Thursday,   @ 3PM 
7080 La Cienega Street, Suite 100
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 

Thank you to the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (UNCE) for sponsoring 30 raised garden beds at the Zion Community Garden Park!  They are being sponsored by the UNCE Foodspan Program’s Food Citizen Action Project. This program is dedicated to the promotion of healthy food systems and provides education about all aspects of the food system from field to plate.

CDSN wins the 2017 Sustainable Community award from Green Chips for their community urban agriculture project, the Zion Garden Park Agricultural Assistance Program! 
Here is a link to the Green Chips’ 2017 Sustainability Award Winners, highlighting the CDSN Zion Garden Project:
Also, here is a link to the Zion Garden Program presentation given by program director,
Amber Bosket, at this year’s Convene for Green, hosted by Green Chips: